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Absentee ballot updates

You may have heard in the news that the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) is going to mail information on absentee voting to most registered voters in Wisconsin. Some details that aren’t being covered in the reporting:

1. The letter is going to be sent AFTER the primary election on August 11th

2. The letter will instruct voters to use the MyVote.WI.Gov website to request their ballots, rather than returning the paper form, if possible.

I’m advising people NOT TO WAIT for this letter. If you go to the website and request your ballot for August and November, you will be excluded from the mailing, which will save the state some time and money. The mailing is a wonderful thing for people who don’t know how to request their ballots, but if you are able to do it before the mailing, you should. The process of requesting an absentee ballot is not changing.

Also, the WEC approved the development of intelligent bar codes to be used on the envelopes, for better tracking of the ballots through the postal system. They are making other system improvements as well, to improve efficiency for the clerks and give voters better visibility of the status of their ballots.

Any questions? Contact COVO at, 920.445.8671, or visit

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