Register To Vote

ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED UNTIL APRIL 7th.  You can still register at your polling place or your clerk's office.


Online Voter Registration:

To use online registration, you need a valid Wisconsin Driver License or State ID, and you need to be 18 years old.

If you’ve moved recently, update your address with the Department of Transportation before registering to vote. You don’t need to get a new Driver License or ID card when you move.  Your address can be updated here.

Online registration is closed in the 20 days before an election.  During that time, you can use the MyVote website, but you’ll need to print out the form at the end and bring it to your clerk or your polling place with a proof of residence document.  If you don't have a printer, you can fill out the form at your clerk's office or at the polling place (see Paper Registration, below).

If the website has a problem recognizing your address, send an email to and ask them to add your address to the WisVote system.  Once they have added it, you can try your online registration again. 


Questions? Contact us.
Phone: (920) 445 8671     (Leave a message)


Paper Registration

If you want to register using a paper form:

Remember that you will still need an acceptable Photo ID when you go to vote.

Fill out the form.

Voter Registration Form in English

Voter Registration Form in Spanish

Voter Registration Form in Hmong

It is too late to register by mail for the April 6th election, but you can 

fill  out a paper registration form at your clerk's office or at the polling place on election day.  You might be able to cast an early in-person vote at the same time - check here for early voting hours.

Be sure to bring a proof of residence document  and your Photo ID.

Find your clerk here.

Find your polling place here.