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Absentee Voting


We have a good system for voting absentee (by mail) in Wisconsin.

Ballots are only mailed to registered voters who request them, and our local election officials track all ballots sent and received to ensure the integrity of our elections.  As voters we can take steps to  ensure our absentee ballots will be counted by following this procedure:

Vote by Mail: Text

Follow these steps: 

Vote by Mail: Text

1.    Request your absentee ballot on MyVote.WI.Gov.  Here's a helpful video.  Please allow one week for mailing the ballot to you and one week to mail it back.  If there are less than 2 weeks before the election, plan to return the ballot to the clerk's office instead of by mail. 

2.    If this is your first time requesting an absentee ballot, you’ll have to upload a picture of your PHOTO ID.  This is the same ID you would use to show at the polls, usually a driver license.  It’s easiest to use a smart phone or a tablet to do this.  We’ve prepared a video that may help you.  (Note: if you are confined to your home due to age or disability, you do not need to upload an ID. Check the box for indefinitely confined.) Click here to request your ballot.

3.    After you request your ballot, go back to MyVote.WI.Gov and track the status.  Enter your name and birth date and hit Search.  Click on View My Request.  If your request isn’t visible here within a few days, call your clerk. 

4.    Your local clerk will mail you the ballot within a few days. You can track the status as described in step 3. If you don’t receive it within a few days of the expected delivery date, call your clerk.


5.    If you decide to vote in person, you can do that, as long as you haven’t already mailed back your ballot.  It helps to bring the ballot with you, but it’s not necessary.  


6.    Normally, your ballot must be RECEIVED by the clerk by 8 pm on election day. Read the instructions that come with your ballot or call your clerk to ask where you can return your ballot.  If you’re mailing it, allow two weeks for it to get to your clerk.    


7.    After you seal your ballot envelope make sure it has three things on the certification outside: your signature, your witness’ signature, and your witness’ full address.  Your witness can be any adult U.S. citizen.  DON’T USE TAPE on the envelope.  Watch this video for a demo.


Questions? Need a witness?  Email

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